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The Club





  • "Benefits" mean the services, Welcome Packs, upgrades, promotions and/or discounts offered under the Scheme as detailed within the Guidelines (as amended from time to time at the Company's sole discretion);
  • "Card" means the membership card issued by the Company in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;
  • "Company" means Macdonald Hotels Limited
  • "Guidelines" means the guidelines located on the Website as used by the Company to operate the Scheme in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and which form part of these Terms and Conditions. The Guidelines may be changed from time to time at the discretion of the Company and without notice to the Member;
  • "Member" means a person who has registered for the Scheme and whose Membership is active (having earned or redeemed points over a period of 24 consecutive months);
  • "Participating Premises" means those hotels and resorts operated by or associated with the Company which participate in the Scheme as identified within the Guidelines from time to time;
  • "Partner" means an organisation chosen by the Company to provide goods or services to Members in exchange for Points collected under the Scheme.
  • "Points" means points awarded to a Member by the Company in terms of clause 3;
  • "Qualifying Services" means revenue generated within Participating Premises, subject to the exceptions set out within these Terms and Conditions or the Guidelines;
  • "Reward" means a product or service provided either by the Company or by a Partner in exchange for Points as detailed within the Guidelines. For the avoidance of doubt, in some cases a Voucher may be provided to facilitate the exchange.
  • "Scheme" means The Club operated by the Company in terms of which Points are awarded and redeemed under the Terms and Conditions defined herein and the Guidelines (as amended from time to time). The Scheme shall be applied across four categories of Member: Club Member, Elite Member, Corporate Member and By Invitation Member, the qualifying criteria for each is detailed within the Guidelines;
  • "Spend" means payment in a single transaction or series of related transactions on Qualifying Services;
  • "Voucher" means a voucher issued to the Member by the Company or a Partner in terms of clauses 2.3 and 4.1 and subject to the terms herein and those contained within the Voucher issued.
  • "Welcome Pack" means as defined within the Guidelines
  • "Website" shall mean theclub.macdonaldhotels.co.uk

1. The Card

1.1 The Company may at its sole discretion issue a Card to any person who applies for one.
1.2 The Card remains the property of the Company. It must be signed by the Member and may only be used by the Member. It is not transferable. It must be returned to the Company on request.
1.3 The Card will only be issued once a Member has completed two stays at the Company's Participating Premises.
1.4 A Card shall not be issued to Club Corporate Members.


2. The Guidelines

2.1 The Company will operate the Scheme in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and with the Guidelines.
2.2 The Company may at any time revise the content of the Guidelines and/or these Terms and Conditions without liability. The Company may discontinue the Scheme at any time but shall endeavour to give Members at least three months’ notice before it does so.
2.3 The Guidelines shall provide for the different categories of Member and the Scheme may be applied differently to each. The Website and/ or the Guidelines may, from time to time, detail the number of Points required to redeem different types of Rewards.

3. Points

3.1 A Member who makes a Spend at a Participating Premises will be awarded Points calculated in accordance with the Guidelines. A maximum of 8750 Points shall be awarded for any one Spend. Spend on bedroom bookings, food and beverage and any other Qualifying Services for a single event is classified as one Spend.
3.2 Members should allow up to 5 working days after departure from the hotel for points to be allocated to their membership account. 
3.3 Claims for points must be made within one calendar month of check in. 
3.4 The Company will send a monthly statement by email to each Member detailing how many Points the Member has accumulated. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a statement may not be sent where the Member has not accumulated any points during the immediately preceding six months. A Member may also find out how many Points they have accumulated by checking their account on the Website.
3.5 If no Points have been earned or Reward redeemed for a period of 24 consecutive months, the account will be deemed to have lapsed and expired. Once an account has lapsed all Points accrued against your Membership shall be forfeited and shall be closed.
3.6 Points are not redeemable for cash and have no value unless presented for redemption in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the Guidelines.
3.7 Subject to the terms herein, Points shall have a validity of 24 months only; any unredeemed Points will expire after 24 months.

4. Rewards

4.1 A Member may redeem Points for a Reward with the Company or with a Partner by following the redemption procedure on the Scheme's Website. A Voucher may be issued specifying details of the Reward. Unless indicated otherwise, a Voucher may only be redeemed against golf or spa activities or dining at the Participating Premises and shall specifically exclude retail products within Macdonald Aviemore Resort, accommodation, and/ or beauty products within Participating Premises. The Voucher is not transferable.
4.2 The number of Points required for each Reward will be specified on the Website.
4.3 The Welcome Packs as specified within the Guidelines only apply to new Members that join the Scheme after it is launched in June 2010 or to Members that attain Elite or By Invitation status after the launch of the Scheme in June


5. Redemptions

5.1 Members may exchange Points under the Scheme for a short break or any other Reward at any Participating Premises, subject to the Terms and Conditions and the Guidelines, by booking online from either their account area on the Scheme's Website, or by calling the applicable Scheme telephone number as defined for each category of Member on the Website. This is subject to availability and advance booking is required for accommodation redemptions.
5.2 A cancellation of 24 hours or less of a short break will result in the loss of one night's worth of Points
5.3 A Voucher for the Company's Reward may be redeemed only at those Participating Premises specified in the Guidelines. A Member may buy additional services over and above the Reward by paying with cash or credit/ debit card.
5.4 A Member may exchange Points for a Partner Reward under the Scheme in accordance with the provisions detailed in Clause 4 herein, subject to Clause 6.15. The Partner may issue a Reward in exchange for Points. Once Points have been exchanged for a Partner Reward, no refund will be available. In all cases the terms and conditions stated by the Partner apply to the Reward.

6. Restrictions and Limitations

6.1 There will be a limit placed on the Rewards offered at Participating Premises against which redemptions may be made. Redemptions are at all times subject to availability. Some premises operated by the Company may not be Participating Premises. The Company therefore does not guarantee to be able to offer the Rewards for any particular premises or date(s).
6.2 The Rewards can only be taken at Participating Premises before the expiry date stated on a Voucher. Where no date has been stated, expiry shall fall on the date twelve months from issuance.
6.3 Points will not be awarded for Spend on:
(i) leisure club and golf membership fees paid by monthly direct debit ; or
(ii) weddings or
(iii) purchases within the retail centre, Spey Valley Shopping, at Macdonald Aviemore Resort; or
(iv) stays that are booked using Macdonald Vacation Club points
(v)  bookings made through third party online retailers including but not limited to: Lastminute, Expedia, Orbitz, Booking.com, Laterooms; or
(vi) Wholesale/tour operator packages including but not limited to Superbreak
(vii) Spanish resorts
(viii) Conference facilities, meeting rooms and events spend by Club, Elite and By Invitation Members.
(xi) Macdonald Hotels Gift Vouchers
6.4 Points will not be awarded for and member benefits will not apply for bookings made with Tesco Club Card tokens or vouchers. 
6.5 Elite Membership is valid for a period of 12 months only. To retain Elite Membership for a further 12 month period you must have spent £1,500 or more or stayed for 15 nights or more during your preceding 12 month period of Elite Membership. Membership eligibility shall be reviewed annually on either the anniversary of the Members registration to the Scheme or the anniversary of their promotion to Elite Membership (whichever is later).
6.5.1 Members who qualify for Elite status will receive a £30 voucher, an Elite membership card and all the service benefits associated with Elite membership as follows: a welcome gift in the bedroom on arrival, a free newspaper, waived tray charges on room service. 
6.6 MVC Elite members are automatically registered upon confirmation of Macdonald Vacation Club membership
6.6.1 MVC Elite Membership is valid for the duration of Macdonald Vacation Club membership
6.7 By Invitation Membership is valid for a period of 12 twelve months and is offered by personal invitation only at the Company's sole discretion.
6.8 Elite, MVC Elite  and By Invitation member Benefits when visiting the hotels are not applicable on bookings made through third party online retailers including but not limited to: Amazon Local, Lastminute, Expedia, Orbitz, Booking.com, Laterooms; or Wholesale/tour operator packages including but not limited to Superbreak
6.9 Customers must be over 18 years of age to participate.
6.10 Employees of the Company or its agents are not eligible to participate.

6.11 Only one Membership of the Scheme per person is permitted and corporate bookers may only belong to the Club Corporate Scheme.
6.12 Membership and Rewards (excluding Vouchers) are not transferable.
6.13 It is the Members responsibility to notify the Company of any changes to their details, including but not limited to, their change of name and/ or address.
6.14 In the event of death this will result in cancellation of the Scheme Membership and forfeiture of the available Points balance.
6.15 By participating, Scheme Members agree to these Terms and Conditions.
6.16 Neither the Company, nor any associate, investment or subsidiary of the Company, can be held liable for Partner Rewards.
6.17 Should a Voucher become defaced or lost it shall not be replaced
6.18 Photocopies of Vouchers shall not be accepted.
6.19 Vouchers can only be used up to a maximum of £2,000 in any one transaction within Participating Premises.
6.20 The Company reserves the right to refuse Membership or to cancel any Membership and revoke any and all unredeemed Points collected by any Member for reasons including, but not limited to, fraud or misuse of their Membership and/ or any violation by the Member of the Guidelines or these Terms and Conditions.
6.21 Some employers may prohibit or restrict employees from participating in reward programmes such as The Club. The Company assumes no responsibility or liability for compliance with any such policy which a Member's employer may operate.
6.22 To avoid doubt, Members shall not earn Points for Spend in connection with Macdonald Resorts throughout UK and Spain.
6.23 The Corporate Scheme is restricted to corporate bookers only and therefore excludes bookers within travel agencies, conference agencies or any other organisations receiving enhanced commission on the business they book with the Company.

7. General

7.1 The relevant Member is responsible for the payment of any tax due in respect of any Reward.
7.2 These Terms and Conditions will be construed in accordance with the law of Scotland and the Scottish Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any claim arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Condition.
7.3 By registering to become a member of The Club, Members agree to their personal information being used to administer The Club including the communication of any changes to the Scheme, the provision of services relevant to the Scheme and the communication of statements, special offers and general information about the Scheme by post, email or telephone, in accordance with Macdonald Hotels & Resorts Privacy Policy. Members are responsible for keeping their personal information up to date.
7.4 Upon joining The Club, you will automatically be opted in to receiving communications by e-mail and post from The Club. If you are currently registered with a Macdonald Hotels account and your current mailing preference is opted out, your status will change to opted in. Please note that it is a condition of being a Member of the Scheme that you accept The Club sending you communication by post and by email, (using the details you provided when registering for the Scheme)  unless you notify us that you wish to opt out of such messages. Should a Member opt out of post or email marketing communications at any time then they risk their membership of the Scheme being suspended as opt-in is a key condition of loyalty membership.
7.5 All email communications will also include the facility for you to unsubscribe to all future email communications. Should you unsubscribe from marketing communications you risk membership of the Scheme being suspended as opt-in is a key condition of loyalty membership.